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Jindonghan talks about the development of Marine diesel engine industry in China.

Date:2017-09-29 Author: Click:

The smile curve

On the smile curve, China's shipboard enterprises are precisely in the middle manufacturing process, and the acquisition of nature is also low added value.
While foreign enterprises are basically at both ends of the curve, one end is the front end of manufacturing, namely research and development and brand, they have achieved higher profit margin by means of licensing production.
The other end is the rear end of the manufacturing, which is to provide the overall solution and after-sales service, which is also high value added.

In the recently held three times five member of China internal combustion engine industry association (expand) meeting, China shipbuilding industry corporation DiQiYiYi institute, vice President of China internal combustion engine industry association Jin Donghan is to understand the present situation and problems of Marine diesel engine industry development in our country, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures.
He thinks, at present, our country Marine diesel engine enterprises among the whole industry chain is still in the low value-added manufacturing, with foreign enterprises still exist a large gap, and in order to catch up as soon as possible, our ship machine enterprises need to accelerate the steps of reform and innovation.

The machine power is rising rapidly.

With our country in recent years on the main index to surpass other shipbuilding countries, gradually established the shipbuilding power status, China's Marine engine industry has also made great progress.
Kim explains these advances in detail.
He pointed out that, at present, China has formed the Marine diesel engine and its production system.
At the same time, the production capacity of Marine diesel engine complete machine and its accessories is increasing, and the domestication rate of import license products is increasing.
In addition, our country already has advanced Marine medium speed diesel engine research and development capability, and preliminary has the low speed machine's research and development capability, a batch of new products are developing, and gradually to market.
The market condition of the global Marine engine in 2012 is sufficient to prove the strength of our country in shipbuilding.
According to the introduction, in recent years, China's ship machine capacity has maintained the annual growth rate of 20%.
In 2012, the output of low-speed Marine diesel engines in the world was about 50 million horsepower (36.78 million kilowatts), among which, South Korea, China, Japan and Europe accounted for 48%, 29%, 18% and 5% respectively.
In 2013, the output of low-speed diesel engines in China was 14.48 million horsepower, which was basically the same as that of 14.29 million horsepower in 2012.

From the perspective of the major manufacturers, in 2012, there were nine enterprises with annual capacity of more than 1 million horsepower in Marine diesel engines, including 3 enterprises in China, Japan and South Korea.
China is one of the shipboard enterprises in this echelon, namely Shanghai east heavy machinery co., LTD., dalian Marine diesel engine co., LTD., and Shanghai zhongchuan mitsui shipbuilding diesel engine co., LTD.
However, while seeing the results, jin donghan also pointed out that China's enterprises ranked relatively low.
Among the three companies, the shanghai-dong heavy machine was the fifth, with a yield of 197 thousand horsepower, and the production of dalian shichai was 1.36 million horsepower, while the three Wells of the ship were 1.04 million horsepower.
By contrast, hyundai heavy industries, South Korea's no. 1 shipping company, alone produces 12 million horsepower, a huge gap.

Face the gap and meet the challenge.

Admittedly, although there is a place in the global Marine diesel engine market, there are still some shortcomings that need to be replenished.
The specific analysis of jin donghan points out the short board.
First of all, the whole enterprise scale is relatively small.
At present, our low speed mechanism has 11 manufacturing enterprises, with a capacity of 12 million horsepower.
In South Korea, there are only three such companies, but the capacity is 30 million horsepower.
From this, it is not difficult to see that our country ship machine enterprise scale small, the quantity is much the present situation.
Because the concentration is not high, the scale effect of the whole industry is not obvious.
Secondly, the second round of supporting supply chain is not perfect, the professional level of the matching plant is not high, the scale is small, the problem of homogenization competition is outstanding.
These companies are generally focused on low-value-added products, competing with each other and are not good at high value-added products.
In addition, due to the lack of enterprise management and the unstable product quality, the localization rate of the parts of the ship machinery is still relatively low, especially the high-end parts, which have not been localized.

Of course, these problems are also reflected in the manufacture itself.
Looking at the whole industry chain, the gap between Chinese Marine diesel engine enterprises and foreign enterprises is more worrying.
As is known to all, the famous smile curve is facing upward, which means that in the industrial chain, the added value is more reflected in the r&d and the market at both ends, while in the middle part of the manufacturing, the added value is the lowest.
In the smile curve, China's shipping companies are in the middle of the manufacturing process, and the acquisition of nature is also low added value, Kim said.
While foreign enterprises are basically at both ends of the curve, one end is the front end of manufacturing, namely research and development and brand, they have achieved higher profit margin by means of licensing production.
The other end is the rear end of the manufacturing, which is to provide the overall solution and after-sales service, which is also high value added.

In the research and development, the status quo of the vast majority of Marine diesel engine and its supporting enterprises in China is still a lack of research and development ability, weak through independent innovation to master the key technology and new technology, no ability by providing optimization of power system solutions to provide users with value-added services, even in the aspect of technology innovation.
In this situation, these enterprises can only compete in the fierce market competition price.
They also have to accept losses, especially after a downturn in the ship market.

High added-value research and development and market segment are not the strong points of our ship enterprises.
Jin Donghan pointed out, however, the pollution and resource consumption, etc., our country instead of relevant indicators are higher than abroad, therefore, "the smile curve for us, really laugh up".
Take out the game and catch up.

At present, our country is trying to realize the transformation from shipbuilding power to shipbuilding power.
Jin donghan believes that in this process, China's Marine diesel engine enterprises must accelerate reform and innovation, and continue to make due contribution to realizing the dream of making machine power.

So, how can the dream of a great power dream come true?
He also gave specific advice.

At the whole industry level, jindonghan suggested that policies should be formulated to increase investment, accelerate localization of high-end components, and improve their localization rate and loading rate.
At the same time, it encourages enterprises in the industry to carry out necessary integration, especially to encourage merger and reorganization according to the reform direction of mixed ownership, to stimulate enterprise vitality and improve industrial concentration.

At the enterprise level, he believes that both the enterprise and the parts enterprise should attach importance to independent innovation.
On the one hand, we should pay attention to the independent development of energy conservation and emission reduction technology, and occupy the commanding heights of the industry.
On the other hand, it is necessary to make the second development of some parts, and strengthen the innovation of technology, so as to realize the digestion, absorption and re-innovation of the imported technology.
In this regard, South Korea and Japan enterprise is also permit the manufacturer, but they are different in that according to its own technology for secondary development foundation, the material system being license technology to have a party to adopt, can get the licence fee concessions, at the same time also further improve the independent innovation ability and product quality.

Jin Donghan also stressed that the whole enterprise to shipyard, design institutes, such as formed a strategic alliance, to take an active part in high performance, low emissions of green ship design, break through the foreign regulatory barriers, grasp the initiative in the competition in the market.
At the same time, we should continue to strengthen the series development and market promotion of self-owned brand Marine diesel engines.



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