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Conclusion and prospect of common faults in Marine diesel engines.

Date:2017-04-26 Author: Click:

This or that commonly appear in ship diesel engine in use process which failure, the failure phenomenon is varied, the reason caused is complex, some even are caused by many reasons.
When dealing with diesel engine failure, it is necessary to study carefully, start from the phenomenon analysis, analyze the cause according to the fault phenomenon, eliminate the non-main factors one by one, and find out the sticking point of the fault.
Based on common failure reason, phenomenon of ship diesel engine and the relevant solutions are analyzed and expounded, for turbine management personnel on duty in daily work to solve diesel engine failure provides the beneficial reference.

Marine diesel engine fault occurs, in most cases is not in accordance with the operational procedures, not in accordance with the requirements for maintenance, maintenance, incorrect assembly and adjustment, and some parts wear induced not processed in a timely manner.
Marine engine management personnel must be familiar with the construction and performance of the diesel engine, and master the general principles, methods and emergency measures in case of failure.
Familiar with the experience of management and maintenance of the diesel engine used in the management of the ship, and what kind of failure occurs frequently, what part is taken place, and what parts have been changed in the maintenance and maintenance;
Inspection and assembly of various clearance data, etc.
Only in this way can the Marine diesel engine and its installation be safe and reliable and economic operation state. When the ship engine fails, it can be done.
Ship management personnel to these knowledge, is very strong and able to take advantage of these abnormal characteristics make scientific judgment, can greatly reduce the ship diesel engine fault, so do be safe.

Ship management personnel should have a high sense of responsibility, each turbine duty officer to be alert, regularly check the ship diesel engine if there is a fault symptoms and abnormal phenomenon, in addition to applying the monitoring method of advanced instruments must be good at using existing monitoring equipment in the ship and "intuitive visual exploration method", namely the turbine attendant determined by "visual, hearing, smell," Marine diesel engine technical status and fault condition.
By observing the Marine diesel engine and its system with and without leakage phenomenon, observe the tachometer, pressure gauge, thermometer, and various kinds of instrument is in its normal position. Regular maintenance, maintenance is the most effective measures to prevent accidents.
Preventive maintenance and maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis and proper management of Marine diesel engines in operation should be carried out.
The maintenance work shall be carried out in strict accordance with the maintenance instruction of the Marine diesel engine.

In ship diesel engine running management, turbine attendants must stick to the job, reasonable arrangement of inspection tour route, strict enforcement of ship diesel engine operation management rules, elaborate operation, right management.
Watchkeeper give full play to the role, through the "intuitive visual exploration method" and with the help of the existing monitoring equipment, circuit tests on time, the technology of Marine diesel engine and its plant parameters within the normal range, the longer term to ensure the safe and economic operation of the Marine diesel engine and its plant state.
We also need to work carefully in succession.
The chief engineer shall check the engineer's duty and shift on a regular or irregular basis to make statistics and make good comments, so that the engineer on duty can form a good watch habit.



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