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Marine diesel engine parts and all manufacturers direct sales.

Date:2018-03-12 Author: Click:

Regarding “Quality first, good reputation makes us the best” as the guideline and employing Professor Chen Daochun from Polytechnic University Internal Combustion Engine Institute as the CTO and technical adviser, Zhenjiang Haishun Marine Diesel Parts Co., Ltd. mainly aims at the manufacturing and sales of accessories for marine diesel engines.
We offer high-quality accessories and the relevant services for marine diesel engines of large ships, our clients include: China Shipping (Group) Company, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, Donghai Rescue & Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communication, Nanhai Rescue & Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communication, Beihai Rescue & Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communication, China MSA, units in shipping system of the Yangtze River, etc.
Since the establishment of the company, we’ve been regarding “Innovation”, “Integrity” and “Customer First” as our business philosophy. Over the years, we’ve been receiving favorable comments from our clients. Meanwhile, through the cooperation with scientific research institutes in China, we’ve also been carrying out technical innovation and improving our products.
Our products include:
Accessories for Main and Auxiliary Diesel Engines:
L23/30 Series (5L23/30, 6L23/30, 8L23/30, 6L23/30H, 7L23/30H, 8L23/30H, 6L23/30A, 8L23/30A)   
L28/32A Series (6L28/32A, 8L28/32A, 6L28/32, 8L28/32, 6L28/32H, 8L28/32H)   
T23LH Series (5T23LH, 6T23LH, 6T23LH-4E, 6T23LU-4E, 6T23LH-4ED)   
L16/24 Series (5L16/24, 6L16/24, 7L16/24, 9L16/24)   
L21/31 Series (6L21/31, 7L21/31, 8L21/31, 9L21/31)   
L2783 Series (6-2738, 7-2738, 8-2738)   

Genset and Accessories:
DK28 Series
TBD234V8 Series
ZX2105C-4 Series

Emergency Fire Pump:
380C-4 Series 
N485C Series
380C-1 Series  

Accessories for Lifeboat:
ZX105C-1 Series 
380J-1 Series 
N485J-1 Series               
ZX2105A-1 Series 
380J-3 Series               
ZX2105C-3 Series     

Our company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. With professional technical personnel, we are able to offer high-quality and cost-effective technical supports and services to our clients. On the premise of equality, reciprocity and co-development, we are willing to cooperate with more industry peers. We sincerely hope that we can be business partners and develop together through our cooperations.



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Tel: 86-0511-88891886    E-mail:sales@cncyj.com