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Failure of main engine speed measuring system

Date:2019-03-13 Author: Click:

Main engine speed measuring system, mainly refers to the main engine speed measurement and supercharger speed measurement.Generally, the fault of speed measuring system is reflected in the host tachometer and supercharger tachometer is not moving or the indication of speed is not accurate.

If the tachometer pointer does not move, it should first check whether the tachometer input signal is in place.If there is no input signal or the signal value does not meet the requirements, then the speed measuring device should be checked (such as simulation test of the speed measuring device, etc.).

In addition, check whether the sensor works normally and whether the sensor installation clearance meets the requirements.If the installation gap is wrong, it should be adjusted to meet the requirements.

At the same time, the whole speed measurement system of the line to check whether there is loose wiring phenomenon, and wiring errors.

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