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Fault phenomena and causes of Marine diesel engine.

Date:2017-03-16 Author: Click:

1. The process of failure.

The process of failure is actually a process of energy accumulation and change, that is, the gradual change of component strength (technical condition).
Failure occurs only when the component strength is lower than the external load.
The parts in the initial working stage, the intensity change is small, in this stage when the external load suddenly exceeded the parts, the failure will occur.
This sudden failure occurred by accident at the unexpected peak of external loads.
For example, the ship diesel engine caused the connecting rod bolt to fracture, the tappet fall off and so on.
The strength of parts is distributed according to certain rules.
The external load is also distributed according to certain laws.
This gradual failure (also known as wear failure) is fairly random.
Sudden failure occurs mostly in the form of fatigue and excessive deformation.
In addition to the above mentioned reasons for the strength of the parts (technical conditions) and external loads, the blockage and leakage of the lubricating system and cooling system can also cause sudden failure.
The gradual failure is mainly caused by abrasion wear, abrasion wear, mechanical erosion and cavitation wear.
In addition, corrosion failure (including stress corrosion, cavitation, sulfur corrosion, etc.) is also a progressive failure.

2. Fault phenomena of Marine diesel engines.

When a Marine diesel engine fails, the following phenomena are usually followed:

The sound abnormality of a normal running ship diesel engine, its occurrence noise has certain regularity.
When a failure occurs, the sound becomes abnormal.
When the piston touches the valve, there is metal tapping;
When the oil supply Angle is too large, there is a burning knock.
When the air cylinder leaks, it boasts sound.
There is friction when the rotating parts collide.

The appearance of the abnormal appearance is like the blue smoke coming from the burning oil;
Black smoke from burning;
The sealing surface of the oil leak, leakage and so on.

The abnormal temperature is too high when the oil supply Angle is too late or the load is too high;
The bearing is overheating when the bearing is burned;
The water temperature of the cooling system failure is too high.

The abnormal motion is too large when the balance fails or the foundation is not stable.
When the speed regulation fails to appear in the flying car or the vehicle;
Starting system failure, ship diesel engine can not start up.

Abnormal pressure of the valve, such as valve, piston ring seal failure, the cylinder pressure is too low;
Crankcase pressure is too high;
Low oil pressure in lubrication system failure;
The pressure of the supercharging system is too low.

The abnormal odor is like when the electrical system fails.
The oil smoke of burning oil and so on.




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