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Introduction to the world Marine diesel engine.

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The world's two major Marine diesel engines, MAN B&w and W&rtsil& are two famous brands of world Marine diesel engines.
In the world Marine low speed machine market, the share of MANB&W brand is up to 80%, and W&rtsila brand is 16%;
In the world Marine speed machine market, the market share of Wartaila brand is 38%, and the MANB&W brand accounts for 27%.
With these two brand products of MAN diesel engine in Marine wartsila corporation and low, medium and high speed diesel engine design, research and development and after-sales service in areas such as somewhere in the world, always maintain the absolute monopoly position.

One, MAN company -- the world Marine low speed machine overlord.

MAN diesel engine company (MAN Diese] SE) is one of the subsidiary of German mann group, headquartered in Germany, is the world's leading Marine diesel engine design, development, and manufacturing enterprises, has more than hundred years of rich experience in diesel engine is developed.
The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of new products, the sale of patented technology, pre-sale and after-sale technical services, and also the manufacture of small cylinder diameter low-speed machine and medium and high speed machine.

1 historical evolution

MAN Diesel engine has the longest Diesel engine production history, in 1897, a German engineer rudolph, Diesel (RudolfDiesel) at Augsburg of MAN Diesel engine company (Augsburg) invented the world's first Diesel engine factory, English "Diesel" is that Diesel (Diesel) name.

In 1898, Rudolf dijssel authorized the production of diesel engines by the Danish firm Burmeister&W&inA/S.
Founded in 1846, Danish company B&w is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a large Danish shipyard and leading diesel producer.
In 1971, the company will be separated into two independent shipyard and Diesel engine manufacturing company, Diesel engine manufacturing part] in 980 by A German mann group, renamed the MAN B&W Diesel engine was Danish company (MAN B&W Diese0 A/S), and the MAN group of Diesel engine by the business MAN B&W Diesel engine (MANB&W Diesel AG) is responsible for the company.

In 2006, mann group of Germany, in order to better integrate its Diesel engine business in Germany, Denmark, France and the UK, reorganized MAN B&WDiesel AG into MAN Diesel SE.
MAN Diesel engine company fully responsible mann group of Diesel engine, Germany's Diesel engine by MAN Diesel engine company directly responsible for the business, overseas business of Diesel engine is in the charge of its many overseas companies, in which MAN B&W Diesel engine was Danish company
(MAN B&W Diesel A/S) is restructuring to mann Diesel Danish company (MANDiesel A/S).
This reorganization is mainly the original registered MAN B&W diesel engine company under German law change is registered under eu law MAN diesel engine company, to facilitate the integration of diesel engine in Europe and the global business;
At the same time, "B&W" was cancelled in the company name, and the "MAN Diesel" logo was adopted.

Current production and operation situation.

MAN diesel engine company mainly design, development, production of the diesel generator, power plants, Marine diesel engine turbocharger, propeller, etc., the world of the Marine propulsion device market share of 50%, two stroke low speed Marine diesel engine market share of 80%.
In 2007, the sales revenue of MAN diesel was 21.79 billion euros, a 21% increase year-on-year.
Orders for the order were 3.371 billion euros, up 29% from a year earlier.
With orders of 38.66 billion euros, a 38% year-on-year increase;
Profit was 313 million euros, up 36.7 percent year on year.
The total assets of the company was 1.741 billion euros, and the total number of the company was 7,383 at the end of the year.

3 distribution of enterprises

MAN diesel engine company production of two stroke diesel engines in Copenhagen, Denmark (alpha factory), medium speed diesel engine production distribution in Germany augsburg (power equipment, Marine propulsion, power generation equipment), the Danish Holeby Frederikshavn (power generation equipment), Denmark (Marine propulsion device), British Stockport (fixed power supply, power plant, Marine propulsion, Marine generators, Marine and traction equipment), France's St, Nazajre (Marine propulsion device).
The high speed engine division of MAN diesel mainly produces diesel engines, light fuel and gas fuel engines, dual fuel engines, power generation equipment, mechanical drive and track traction equipment.
The turbocharger division of MAN diesel is located in augsburg, Germany.

Main Marine products of MAN diesel engine company.

2 stroke diesel engines for ship propulsion system and diesel power equipment at 1100kW ~ 97300kW.

The power is 450kW ~ 23850kW for the ship propulsion and the power generation and diesel generators for the 4 stroke diesel engines.

Power at 709kW ~ 7200kW 4 stroke diesel/gas engine and spark ignition gas engine.

Power at 780kW ~ 9000kW high speed 4 stroke engine.

The turbocharger for diesel engines and gas engines with power at 390kW ~ 25800kW can provide the global after-sales service of component replacement and troubleshooting.

Fuel and gas burner for equipment with power at 3kW ~ 1450kW.

There are service centres in Hamburg, Denmark, Frederikshavn, UK, Australia and Singapore.

2. Wartsilan company -- the world leader in the world Marine speed machine.

Wartsila corporation (WartsilaCorporation) is the world's leading Marine power plant and power station equipment supplier and service provider of the land, the current has 160 branches in more than 70 countries around the world, based in Helsinki, Finland.

1 historical evolution

Wartsila's current business is in its original business diesel engine, Swiss sulzer diesel engine business and Italy Finn candy, most of the diesel engine business merger on the basis of development.

In 1834, when the company was founded in Karelia, Finland, it was only a sawmill and began to enter the field of diesel in 1938.
After years of development and consolidation, varceylon (then called Metra) was 2.
In the 1990s, it became a big company in many business areas, including diesel engines, building materials and investment.

SulzerLtd., founded in 1834, began working with diesel inventor Rudolf diesel in 1898 to produce diesel engines.
In 1990, sulzer spun off its diesel business, setting up New SulzerDiesel (NSD) and selling a majority stake.
Later, new sulzer diesel became a subsidiary of fincantini.
In 1966, Italy's Fiat and the Italian industrial Renaissance corporation (IRI) merged their diesel engines to form the "Gr&ndi Motori Trieste SpA" (GMT).
In 1975 [RJ gained the full share of GMT, and in 1984 OMT became a subsidiary of fincantini, a company owned by lRl.

1997, WArtsila's WArtsila Diesel engine company (W&rtsila Diesel) and Steve candy, most of the Diesel engine under our company business (including new sulzer Diesel engine company, Diesel Pdcerche SpA and OMT40 % of the shares, merger, establishment of WArtsila holding 85%, candy, which is 15% owned by WArtsila NSD company (WArtsila NSDCorporAtion).
Wartsila NSD corporation in 1999 Mr Candy, will GMT another 60% of the shares held by the Finn candy, will be held by 2000 15% of wartsila NSD company stock transfer to wartsila, wartsila NSD company become a wholly owned subsidiary of wartsila.

In the year 2000, the company sold or divided the building materials and other businesses that were in addition to the NSD company, and focused on the diesel engine business, which is currently the company of varceylon.

Current production and operation situation.

The company currently has three main business areas: ship power, onshore power station and service.
In 2007, the sales volume reached 3.763 billion euros, and the new order amount was 56.33 billion euros, with an order amount of 6.308 billion euros at the end of the year and 16,336 employees at the end of the year.
The company is very focused on research and development, and in 2007 it invested 122 million euros, or 3.2 percent of its sales.

Marine diesel engine products series and market position.

Wartsila ship power divisions of the company has a variety of products, including host at low speed, medium speed main engine, auxiliary engine, integrated automatic control system, propeller, nozzle, stern rudder, sealing ring, belt and so on.

The business of the ship power part of the company is divided into five areas: commercial vessels, ocean engineering, luxury cruise ships and ferries, military vessels and special vessels.
The LNO Marine dual-fuel medium speed diesel engine is the advantage field of the company, and its market share reaches 90%.
Its four-stroke medium speed machine has achieved more than 60% market share in luxury cruise ships and ferries, ocean engineering auxiliary ships and tugboats.

4 diesel engine production and license distribution - two stroke low - speed mainframe.

In 1997, after the merger of the new sulzer diesel engine company in vingaland, the company introduced the intelligent electric control common rail RTflex machine on the basis of the RTA series low-speed machine of the original sulzer brand.
Wartsila brand was discontinued in 2005.
The company's low-speed machines are all licensed to the company since it stopped production at the trieste plant in Italy in 2003.
There are currently 15 licensed production companies in Asia, South America and Europe.
Located in Winterthur, Switzerland (Winterthur) of wartsila Switzerland company (WartsilaSwitzerland Ltd.) is the capital of the wartsila two stroke low speed machine business, overall responsibility for the authorization of two stroke low speed machine, sales and service, research and development and testing, etc.

-- four-stroke medium speed host.

Wartsila brand, which was mainly the "Wartsila" brand at the beginning of the merger in 1997, was further integrated into the "Wartsila" brand after the company stopped the sulzer brand in 2005.

The four-speed medium speed host is produced by the company itself, which is concentrated in the Vaasa plant in Finland and the Trieste plant in Italy.
Vassar factory is responsible for the development and production of Wartsila 20, 32, 34DF, etc.
The trieste factory is responsible for the development and production of Wartsila 26, 38, 46, 46F, 50DF and 64.



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